Attraction Sites

The Attraction Sites Manual aims to assist in the day to day management of sites and provide ideas on how to look after visitors, improve your site facilities and environment.

Beach Fales Manual

The Manual is designed in the form of simple and easy-to-use check lists of ideas and handy advice. Many of the points mentioned may seem obvious at first, but it is often the little things like a clean washbasin or a free coconut drink that make the difference between guests who stay one night and those who stay for two.

Tour Guides Manual

Professional tour guiding can be fun and fulfilling but it is not always easy. You need to be an entertainer, a teacher, a friend and a guide, all at the same time. Not all these skills can be taught on a training course or written in a manual.

Visitors Manual - A Geological History

Written and edited by Warren Jopling, this guide was a collaboration with the Samoa Tourism Authority. It outlines how the Samoan Archipelago formed, why one island suffers massive periodic eruptions and why volcanism is predicted well into the future.