This section provides relevant information based on research carried out by the authority to help improve decision making and refine marketing strategies and activities accordingly. The research and statistics team works in collaboration with the Samoa Bureau of Statistics to provide compile visitor statistics which are disseminated to the relevant parties for their information and decision making.

Who Visits Samoa

Tourists from New Zealand make up 44% of all holiday arrivals, although only just over one third of all arrivals from New Zealand are travelling for holiday. Whilst the European market makes up only 7% of all holiday arrivals, 73% of them are travelling for holiday...

Tourists' Profile

Around two thirds of all tourists are in the 25 to 54 years age group, however there are some considerable differences between the different generating countries. Tourists from North America are older (nearly one quarter are in the 50-­-59 age group) than those from Europe (nearly one half are in the 20-­-34 age group).

Trip Planning

The choice of Samoa as a destination is principally driven by three factors: Family/Friends in Samoa, Beautiful Beaches/Warm Water/Scenery and Warm and Sunny Weather. Tourists from Europe are also attracted by Culture and History, and less so by Family/Friends. Holiday tourists are attracted most by Beautiful Beaches/Warm Water/Scenery and Warm and Sunny Weather...

The Samoa International Visitors Survey Report

One of the recent developments is the launching of the International Survey Report which was launched on March 17th 2014. This initiative was made possible with the kind assistance of the New Zealand Government as well as the Government of Samoa. Credit is also given to Acorn Consults Limited who assisted with the analysis and writing of the report.