Dive Market

These market studies have been designed and carried out to provide practical and actionable market intelligence and guidance to Pacific tourism operators wishing to penetrate these niche markets.

Culture Heritage

This study is one of a series of three market studies into major niche tourism markets: cultural heritage and historic tourism, backpacker and dive market segments.

Backpackers Market

The nature of backpacking as an independent segment of the tourism market means that there is little official data available. The research that has been done has focused on the school leaver gap-­-year market and on youth travel, including educational tourism, which are the more structured parts of the segment.

Fishing Market

Fishing tourists consider their travels based the type of fishing available (such as marine or freshwater; game or fly; poppas or jigs). Species is of paramount importance and is closely linked with the type of fishing. They want to travel when fishing is at its best – season matters.

Weddings & Honeymoons Market

Short haul weddings generate larger groups. Long Haul it’s just couples. Short haul honeymoons its about price and time. Long Haul inspires experiences. Cultural influences play a role in characterising the weddings and honeymoon market.