Segment Opportunities


  • Major segment.
  • 40% of Australians would consider an island holiday with their partner or spouse.
  • Direct marketing & trade co-op marketing
  • Focus on “Stay Another Day” and “Discover Samoa”


  • Current product range caters for this segment and this will only improve with new product coming online.
  • Direct marketing and co-op marketing with specialist trade
  • Bridal expos and associated media channels


  • 42% of research respondents indicated they would travel on an island holiday with their children
  • (30% with children under 12 and 12% with children 12 or over)
  • Direct marketing & trade co-op marketing
  • Word of mouth, VFR networks
  • “Discover Samoa” adventure family holidays, rather than just fl y and fl op

Group Travel (Sports Groups)

  • Present a great opportunity, however the number of visitors in this category remain at around a few hundred per annum, with capacity to signifi cantly grow this segment.
  • Engage Australian-Samoan Sporting
  • Ambassadors to promote school sports trips and club pre- and post season tours
  • Establish exchange visits and club twinning

Group Travel (Weddings)

  • Fast growing segment in group travel.
  • More Australians each year travel overseas to get married and increase in the promotion of overseas weddings.
  • Exotic locations, warm and friendly environment. Friends able to enjoy an island holiday at the same time.
  • Continue to attend & identify bridal expos.
  • Identify specialist trade and align this with digital and print bridal & wedding focus media.
  • Collaborative with segment plant in Samoa
  • Ensure all practicalities and information is readily available via STA website

Discover Samoa

  • Research suggests Australians will explore during their island holiday and have a propensity to stay longer
  • Increase awareness of touring options
  • Work with Savaii plant to entice visitors to Savaii.
  • Consistently promote “Discover Samoa Card” to highlight attractions.

Barefoot Luxury

  • Consumer research indicated a unique experience is desired.
  • Short-haul beach holiday makers looking for a luxurious tropical experience, but at the same time seek a pampered experience.
  • Collaborate with smaller properties to develop a barefoot luxury programme that can be integrated into wider marketing of the destination.