Market Review

Outbound tourism from Asia continues to outpace most other regions of the world. Increasing annually at 5-7% over the past two years and set to continue. Increased spending power through strong economic growth in one of the most populous regions of the world continues to ensure the region represents a number of opportunities for many destinations, including Samoa.

Without direct flight access the region will remain an emerging secondary market, however the recent establishment of an STA partnership office in China, increased marketing and commercial links being established by Samoa inbound operators and appointment of Pacific Islands Trade and Invest China as partner representative for the South Pacific Tourism Organisation, provides a platform for entry into Asia, especially from China.

Increased flight access into the region also presents increased opportunities. Within 12 months there is every possibility Fiji will have 7-8 flights a week from the major Asian cities of Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Current marketing

  • SPTO events
  • Social media and trade advertising

Asia - China and South Korea