Market Review

North American market has been substantially affected by the loss of the direct air service between Apia and Los Angeles. In spite of this and the resulting decline immediately after the service ceasing, holiday visitor arrivals have plateaued over the past year or two with some future growth forecast. Over five years, arrivals have remained steady with a small growth of 1.28%.

Improved online awareness tools will greatly assist in accessing this market. As a digitally mature source market, it is importance to ensure as many online tools as possible are accessible including, but not limited to, social media and trade training. Key to future growth in this market is improved air access. Refer section 6.1.3 of plan.

Current marketing

  • Online with major OTAs and some e-newsletter marketing via database
  • Travel Expos in California and agent road show through Canada.
  • Joint campaigns with airlines and trade partners.

North America