Market Review
Samoa’s awareness in Australia has continued to grow over the past 5-7 years. Like New Zealand, the  Australian economy continues to withstand the effects of downturns elsewhere and as the largest direct  access source market, represents the major opportunity for further growth.
Key factors have contributed more than any others to growth from Australia:

  • More than doubling of available seat capacity in 2006, with the introduction of non-stop  flights, saw a significant jump in holiday visitor arrivals.
  • Considerable increase in marketing spend and resultant market activity.
  • There has also been an increase in size of the Samoan-Australian community and  this has contributed to the growth in visitor arrivals from Australia, for both VFR and  holiday purposes.

Australian holiday visitors currently stay the longest in Samoa (11.2 nights9) and to maintain this, propose
focus on ‘Discovering Samoa’ forms a key part of future marketing.


Current marketing
In line with growth opportunities there has been a significant increase in spending in the Australian  market in recent years (Currently SAT$227 per holiday visitor representing a 51% increase over the past  4 years10). This has included:

  • Strong focus on branding and awareness, including social media
  • Regular media engagement via PR and media trips (photo shoots & on-locations)
  • Major trade advertising campaigns