Samoa Tourism Forum - Annual Review and Pre-Forum Workshop

The Samoa Tourism Sector Plan is in place for a period of five (5) years.  As part of tracking progress of the five priority areas identified by the tourism sector, the Annual Review process is undertaken to reflect on what the sector has achieved, what are the lessons learned and identifying potential alternatives to address issues and challenges faced during the period.  

The Annual Review process for the sector plan basically is a tool to inform the sector (including Government, Civil etc) and feedback will inform future action plans to be undertaken for the next implementation phase.  This year's annual review will reflect on the FY 2014/2015.

9th -10th March:

Samoa Tourism Forum (Samoa Tourism Sector-Theme: Achieving Excellence)


Road to Excellence

Access and Route Development

Adventure Tourism

Trip Advisor

Research & Intelligence

Capacity Building

Motivational Talk (Tuigamala Vaiga Tuigamala)

The STF will be the fourth meeting of the Samoa Tourism Industries Alliance (STIA) for general members. STIA was revived last year and this will now be held annually.  Similarly, there will be a panel of key speakers that will lead the presentations discussions on the outcome areas highlighted above.  This process will further enhance knowledge towards the key areas of the 'sector plan' and also hearing from the experts on what is happening and emerging that will impact our markets/products/employment levels...etc

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