Tour Guides Manual


Professional tour guiding can be fun and fulfilling but it is not always easy. You need to be an entertainer, a teacher, a friend and a guide, all at the same time. Not all these skills can be taught on a training course or written in a manual. Some of them only come through experience, making mistakes and learning from them; but if you combine your own experience with the information presented in the manual, we think you will have many of the tools that you need to be confident and professional in your job.

This manual has been prepared especially for Samoan tour guides. It is designed as a 'teach-yourself text to assist guides who already have practical experience in tour guiding: to upgrade their skills, enhance their knowledge and revise some basic facts and figures about Samoa. For those who are new to tour guiding, it is hoped that the manual will provide a basic understanding of the key elements of planning and managing a tour, and that this will later be re-enforced through practical experience.

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