Seabreeze Resort re-Opens after Upgrade


Award winning Seabreeze Resort, which was awarded the best romantic resort in Oceania at the 2021 World Travel Awards, is back to normal operations after undergoing a massive renovation in which all its 13 ocean view rooms were completely remodeled and upgraded to provide a new and improved experience.

Owners, Chris and Wendy Booth shared that as soon as they returned from an extended stay aboard due to Covid-19, the decision was taken to keep the property closed during the renovation project.

Booth said they worked incredibly hard to make sure their small paradise was ready to be shared once again with their guests.

“Our renovation took up a lot of time but we had to ensure we keep up with our standards…it’s not good for people to come to Samoa and do not receive the experience they’re after, it’s just not worth it,” added Wendy.

The rooms have been completely renovated with new furniture. The restaurant has been upgraded with safety elements incorporated, the extended spa has more space, there’s the brand-new swimming pool, and the grounds have been landscaped, to give the resort and its guests a premium Samoan experience.

Experiences at Seabreeze include a new cultural show on Friday afternoon where guests are lavished with the Fa'a Samoa, or the Samoan way. Visitors can participate in making a ‘umu’ (above-ground oven of hot volcanic stones), as well as weaving, story-telling, singing, dancing and eating.

Guests are enthusiastically embracing the Seabreeze Sampler, which features popular Samoan favourites including an array of seafood, ‘palusami’ (taro leaves baked with coconut cream) and other dishes.

“We have to provide guests with the full Samoan experience so they have a memorable time when leaving Samoa and this is what we have worked hard on. There are so many things we can provide as we own and value of our beautiful paradise that we can share with them,” said Booth.

Visitors could be lounging anywhere in Samoa or the Pacific, and we want to provide them with the distinctive experience that makes Samoa special. We want them to experience genuine Samoan hospitality that has made Samoa unique, she added.

Booth said they’re anticipating a busy festive season with their occupancy rates increasing and acknowledged the staffing challenge across the industry at present.

“It’s very hard to get staff and we paid our key team members throughout Covid-19 to retain them. We worked hard on training to make sure Seabreeze delivered on our quality standards,” said Wendy.

The entire staff, made up of 26 locals, work all shifts to make sure visitors are never left alone. Their efforts have been recognised by the Chris and Wendy, who very much see their team as their most valuable resource who they credit for all the accolades and dedication to providing an exceptional guest experience. 


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