Tourism Bodies Strengthen Partnership


A delegation from Maori Tourism headed by CEO Toluma’anave Pania Tyson-Nathan was recently in the country as part of an exchange with Samoa Tourism Authority.

The exchange is a key activity under the Samoa and Maori Tourism Partnership.

The delegation’s itinerary was split between Upolu, Namu’a and Savaii, and networking, the sharing of cultural knowledge, values and experiences was high on the agenda for both organisations and all involved.

The exchange provided a valuable opportunity for the delegation to experience firsthand a number of local tourism products and services, meet with local operators and share feedback on how offerings could be further enhanced and packaged.

On the Big Island, they were hosted by the Savaii Samoa Tourism Association to an industry night at Amoa Resort where a traditional siapo was presented by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Laauli Leuatea Polataivao Fosi who was in Savaii for World Food Day commemorations.


Maori Tourism CEO Pania Tyson-Nathan, who was conferred the chiefly title Toluma’anave shared her personal experience and appreciation of the whole experience.

“It's been a great trip, and I'm sure everyone learned something new. We're excited to host and welcome a team of local operators to New Zealand next year to see how we operate there and perhaps develop something truly unique,” said Toluma’anave.

According to Minister of Tourism, Hon. Toeolesulusulu Cedric Pose Salesa Schuster, opportunities like these are always appreciated since they are essential to the job we do in the industry and as we continue to grow and find new ways to enhance our services.

“There is a unique connection among the Maori and our people, especially on culture and what we have to offer within our respective tourism industries where first impressions count for a lot and the offer of a genuine and authentic experience that will provide our guests with everlasting memories,” said Hon. Toeolesululu.

“It is hoped that this continued collaboration and partnership will flourish and go from strength to strength resulting in more meaningful exchanges with the ultimate goal of attracting much needed investment into our tourist industry to expedite our post-Covid recovery” Toeolesulusulu added.


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