Accommodation Operators to Supervise Rapid Antigen Tests for In-house Guests


One-month on from reopening to international travellers, the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Samoa Tourism Authority have conducted a workshop for accommodation-operators to train and certify staff to directly perform supervised rapid antigen tests for in-house guests.

The workshop comes as part of efforts to make the post-arrival test requirement more accessible and convenient for international travellers and to support the Ministry of Health’s ongoing programme to manage Covid-19 in the community.

Previously, supervised tests could only be undertaken at public and private health clinics. 

The workshop, delivered by Ministry of Health personnel, was attended by over forty (40) staff from hotels, resorts and beach fales who were informed about the testing and reporting process. 

As part of the programme, accommodation properties will be supplied test kits and will work closely with the Ministry of Health through their certified teams.


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