Functions of the Divisions


The Samoa Tourism Authority has five separate divisions. They include the Marketing & Promotions Division, Planning & Development Division, Research & Statistics Division, Finance & Corporate Services Division and Policy & Tourism Sector Coordination Division.

The Marketing & Promotions Division is responsible for the marketing and promotion of Samoa as a tourist destination in the overseas source markets as per the TDP 2009 – 2013. 

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for the facilitation of new  products  and  the  improvement  of existing  products  and  services  in accordance  with  the  TDP  2009  –  2013  and  Samoa  Accommodation Standards.

The Research & Statistics Division is responsible for the provision of planning information such as the tourism intelligence reports and tourism statistics for the benefit of the stakeholders. 

The Finance and Corporate Services Division is responsible for the efficient management of approved Authority resources and the further development and monitoring of qualified human resource to ensure the implementation and achievement of annual quality results that corresponds with the targeted 8 set goals and objectives of the Authority as outlined in the TDP 2009 - 2013.