Functions of the Authority


The Authority is the government agency responsible for advising the sector on the sustainable development of tourism that is beneficial and prosperous for Samoa. The Policy Advise function which rests with the STA Board and Chief Executive Officer therefore leads the Authority’s advisory role, and with the CEO overseeing the Authority operations with the Division Managers, as the STA Executive Management.  

The overall functions of the authority are to:

  • Market  and  promote  Samoa  effectively  in  identified  source markets for Targeted annual increases in visitor arrival
  • Facilitate the development and improvement of new and existing tourism products
  • Encourage the improvement of tourism and support services
  • Encourage the increase of local community support for tourism
  • Ensure a well informed and coordinated sector
  • Ensure an efficient Authority with a friendly working environment and a strong results-driven corporate culture

The  Authority  will  also  integrate  into  the  performance  of  its  functions additional Government policies that will be communicated through the Minister of Tourism or the Chief Executive Officer.