Seabreeze Resort to reveal “new look” in 2022


Fresh off the heels of their double wins at the 28th Annual World Travel Awards 2021 Seabreeze Resort is currently undergoing major renovations promising fans and visitors a “whole new Seabreeze” when they re-open in March 2022.

Co-owner Wendy Booth has recently arrived back from Australia and reports that the resort looks like a building site but they are working hard with a goal to fully re-open early next year for overnight visitors while their restaurant will be ready for dine-in guests before Christmas.

 “You are going to see a whole new Seabreeze in the next few months” said Wendy “We are temporarily closed as we focus on renovating and rebuilding a whole new look while we wait for borders to re-open. We want our guests to walk down the hill and experience a whole new look of Seabreeze and not be disappointed.”

Without giving too much away Wendy says guests and visitors can expect more magic and romance with the addition of new features utilising their naturally stunning environment.


“We are rebuilding almost every area of the resort - It’s going to look so different than before. We are going to make it more magical and mystical by utilising the little coves in the next door bay by putting something in there for people to have a little private getaway.”

The owners of the Aufaga based resort say there will also be changes to their health and safety policies to protect everyone from the spread of Covid-19 by requiring all staff and guests to be fully vaccinated.

“We will ensure there are Covid stations around the hotel equipped with information, sanitisers and masks. The requirement for vaccinations is really about keeping our village safe” said Wendy “that’s really what it boils down to. We cannot afford to endanger our community and the health and safety of our staff and guests is our priority.”

Despite receiving the Samoa’s Leading Hotel Award for 9th consecutive year and Oceania’s Most Romantic Hotel Award for the third year in a row, Wendy says they were still surprised to have won the honours and acknowledged the hard work and dedication of their staff. 

She believes the staff play a vital role in bringing those awards home because the service they provide consistently exceeds the expectations of their guests who go on to become returning loyal clients.

“Seabreeze has the loyal following of our staff and I think they are our biggest asset. The staff love this award, they gravitate towards it because they want to win and are completely invested by lobbying our loyal online community for votes. If they didn’t win it, they would be devastated!” 


“We have had guests crying when they leave, they feel comfortable and they don’t want to go back to their life. When we asked our past guest to vote for us, they want to help. It has been two years since we closed temporarily so to stay engaged we asked our guests to share memories that they’ve experienced at Seabreeze.

Luxury comes in many different forms and Mrs Booth says the secret to repeat business is to stay on brand and keep it personal.  As a self-confessed hopeless romantic she says their main core market are honeymooners and they go to great lengths to create a lovers paradise for couples seeking to propose, honey moon or simply to get away.

Whether it’s creating a charming and magical candle lit dinner on a private beach or setting the scene for a night time safari, being a small resort has its benefits with Wendy and the staff having the means to add the personal touches and tiny details much to the delight of their guests.

“I am the eternal romantic “she laughs “Every second word that comes out of my mouth is “romance” and “exclusive.” It’s a bit like living in a musical and we are all about creating the right environment for couples who have left their kids at home.  We do a lot of little things for our guests and we want to give them special memories to go home with. We’re very excited to reveal our new look in the next couple of months.”


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