Free WIFI for Apia


Apia-based technology company South Pacific Broadband has announced that it has successfully launched a free Metro WIFI network in the Capital.

According to statement from the company, it is focused on the commercialisation of innovative products and systems for Real-Time communications, the development of 21st century “Smart Cities” and offering solutions to improve telecommunications, internet protocol transit, commercial industrial infrastructures, and Wi-Fi connectivity, through revenue generated from a global marketplace.

South Pacific Broadband added that Samoa is the first country in the South Pacific region to monetise the “Internet of Things” through Point to Multipoint High-Speed Access with Reliable Connectivity, for the purpose of assisting with greater connectivity through Free Public WIFI for the local community.

The company is currently integrating VNT TV Shop & Play, a global interactive IPTV platform and broadcast network into the local end to end outdoor Public WIFI Network, to further support domestic and international broadcasters and users wanting to expand their marketplace.


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