Teuila Sports Events


Despite the closure of Samoa’s borders, support for sporting events which usually draw international visitors including new events with plans to invite overseas teams in the future, has been maintained by Samoa Tourism Authority at this year’s 31st Annual Teuila Festival.

Pre-Covid, there was a growing number of competitions held during the Festival which attracted sports teams and supporters from abroad, especially New Zealand and Australia. 

Among them is the Teuila Tag Tournament hosted by Samoa Tag Incorporated which prior to border closure was very successful in attracting and securing international teams.

This year, organised fixtures by sports clubs continue to be a significant part of the Festival. These include United Soulz Netball Tournament, Alo Paopao Business House Regatta, Samoa Tag Incorporated Tournament, Volleyball Samoa Federation Tournament and the Samoa English Cricket Teuila Tournament.

Leveraging and promoting events and addressing seasonality are key strategies in the Samoa Strategic Marketing Plan 2020-2025, and partnerships with clubs and event organisers is a proven tactic to help achieve these.  

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