Google Optimisation Programme in final stages


The programme which focuses on improving the quality of destination content, expanding the online reach of tourism businesses and enhancing the overall presentation of consumer-facing destination content across a number of Google’s platforms is in its final stages.

Made possible through development assistance from the New Zealand Government under the Samoa Tourism Growth Partnership (STGP), the programme is being rolled out by digital specialist Miles Partnership in collaboration with the Samoa Tourism Authority.

The final phases of the project consists of Industry Workshops and Google Street View content development.  

The Workshops will be conducted virtually and will be based on the theme “Uncovering the Secrets of the most successful business profiles online”. With content built on a best-practices study of over 50,000 business profiles, local operators will learn helpful and practical information they can use for their profiles on Google and Trip Advisor, social media marketing, photography and other content tips.

The Industry Sessions will take place on Monday 21st June at Lava Hotel for Upolu operators and Tuesday 22nd June at Jetover Hotel for Savaii tourism businesses.

In a related development, certified camera equipment for the Street View component recently arrived in the country.  Locally-based photographer and videographer Charles Netzler will capture content which will provide a virtual representation of Samoa’s surroundings on Google Maps, making it easier for locals and visitors when travelling around our islands.  

The programme is expected to be completed at the end of June.


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