Fai Meaalofa Campaign making strides


Samoa Tourism Authority’s ‘Fai Meaalofa’ tactical campaign which will target the Samoan diaspora in New Zealand and Australia is in the final stages of development and is on track to go-to-market in the coming days with launch partner Pacific40.

A total of 16 properties have responded favourably to the call to participate in the promotion and 7 have been onboarded onto the Pacific40 shopping voucher platform.

The campaign is part of ongoing efforts to support domestic tourism and the opportunity for additional accommodation operators to join remains open. 

Promotions will be pushed out through VFR channels including radio advertisements and call-outs and online display banners.

Pacific40 is a popular platform which many in the VFR segment use to purchase goods and services for family and friends in Samoa. With the ‘Fai Meaalofa’ campaign, relatives in New Zealand and Australia (and anywhere in the world) will be able to purchase vouchers and gift them to their áiga’ in Samoa who will be able to redeem these for a range of services at the participating hotels and resorts.

STA CEO, Faamatuainu Lenata’i Suifua says ‘this out-of-the-box- solution is a great opportunity to promote our tourism businesses to our overseas-based family and friends.  

‘The plan is to continue the partnership with popular Samoan-shopping channels beyond the reopening of borders’ said Faamatuainu.


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