Tour Guide students familiarise with Local Sites and Attractions


Students in the Tourism and Hospitality Certificate II in Tour Guiding course at National University of Samoa (NUS) recently visited Fuipisia Waterfalls and Namu’a Island as part of their final assessment which was a field trip. This Course is through the Government Stimulus Package (Phase 2) for the Tourism Industry, coordinated by the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) in partnership with the National University of Samoa (NUS). 

Planning is crucial in Tour Guiding and the purpose of the field trip was to familiarise participants with Samoa’s natural attractions and also practise liaising with the site managers.  

The NUS and STA Tour Guiding class of 2020/2021 consists of 14 participants from the Tourism Industry, who have brought in experiences from where they have worked including Salani Surf, Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, Mt. Silisili and the Samoa Cultural Village. 

This familiarisation field trip was a great experience and a way to continue supporting the Industry, and maintain resiliency during these difficult times for everyone affected.

Training opportunities under the Government Stimulus package have been well executed since its inception, with Training Providers such as NUS meeting the requirements that are paramount in delivering quality training. Remaining courses are continuing and will carry through to June. 

The initiative has benefitted more than seven hundred displaced employees and those working on reduced hours within the Tourism Industry due to Covid-19, with short and formal courses since the initiative began in September last year. 



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