Google Optimisation Programme to improve Destination Content and Information for Users

The Google Destination Optimisation Programme which is being rolled out will improve the quality of destination content and information for visitors (and locals), expand the online reach of tourism businesses and enhance the overall presentation of the destination across the largest platform on the web (Google).    

The Programme will conduct a detailed analysis of the completeness of business information including verification status for ‘discovered’ businesses currently listed on Google Maps, analyse Google Travel Guides and audit the top sites that appear within each, add missing information for business listings, improve the accuracy of Google Maps, create destination content inside of Maps using Maps Lists and promote via related website content.  In addition, virtual destination content using Google Earth will be created to support content and marketing initiatives.

The Programme will also include Industry Education to help tourism businesses understand, optimise and measure their exposure within Google products.


“Industry understanding is crucial to this initiative, in which trainings will be carried out for operators with the usual working partnership and collaboration” said Samoa Tourism Authority, CEO, Faamatuainu Lenata’i Suifua. 

“The goal is to improve awareness and the use of digital marketing tools by our Industry, achieve increased and sustained organic reach and facilitate travel planning by consumers, and we are therefore grateful for the support of the New Zealand Government for supporting this initiative.” Faamatuainu added. 

The Programme is scheduled to be completed by the end of June. 



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