Essential First Aid and CPR Trainings targeting Attraction Sites

The Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) has begun capacity building efforts with its training sessions for the Tourism Industry to begin the year 2020.

This has followed through from trainings carried out at the last quarter of last year. The STA training team is now rolling out some of its scheduled programmes for the year, and have emphasised the need to have First Aid and CPR trainings to target Attraction Sites and some of the operators to begin with.

Trainings have been carried out in Upolu and Savaii.

- Delivered in two locations in Savaii in November 2019 and 1 in Upolu (3 full days) and 1 day refresher course for the STA staff (January 2020). A total of 65 participants completed the course.

- The trainings were delivered by the Samoa Red Cross Society in collaboration with the Authority.

The objectives were:

  • How to perform basic emergency care for any type of incident including babies;
  • When to use/apply first aid including CPR/triage;
  • What first aid should be used/management at incident scene;
  • The training covered both theory and practical approaches.

Trainings are funded under the New Zealand support Samoa Tourism Growth Partnership (STGP) programme with the aim of upgrading skills of those with basic prior knowledge and educating the site owners and managers in the event of emergencies.

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