Beautiful Samoa Australia Roadshow 2020

AU Roadshow 2019

The ‘Beautiful Samoa Australia Roadshow’ will take place in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in 2020. The dates will be confirmed in early 2020 and information including Registrations, Venues and Times will be made available on

The AU roadshow attracts an overall total of approximately 400 attendees from from the 3 targeted cities in Australia - each city registring over 100 BUYERS or agents.

This is a great opportunity for the Samoa properties, tour operators and other tourism suppliers to meet face-to-face with these frontline travel agents to discuss and share information about their products in order for the agents to sell to their clients - all under one roof without the need to visit the agents at their retail shops.

The costs involved for the properties/suppliers called SELLERS from Samoa (or the AU based representatives) will only be their own travel arrangements (airfares, accommodation and per-diems). All costs covered by Samoa Tourism are:

  • Venue hire
  • Audio Visual equipment (sound systems and projectors for presentations)
  • Catering
  • Furnishing (bar stools/trestle tables)
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing of the event
  • Registration systems
  • Goodie/tote bags (for destination and property brochures) to be given to each agent

The format of the event at each city ensures every Seller has an opportunity to present (table-top) to a group of about 10 agents in a 7 - 8 minute appointment before moving to the next group of agents. This means each supplier will be presenting their product to the nearly 400 agents. Furthermore, there is a 45-minute networking session at the beginning of the event so this will be a free-flow opportunity to meet and discuss your products and services with as many agents as possible before the 7 - 8 minute appointment sessions begin.