STA continues with customer service training

STA Customer Service Training 

Staff from the various accommodation providers in the country continue to improve on their customer service skills with continued service from the Samoa Tourism Authority.

The Authority in collaboration with the New Zealand Aid Programme has again continued its training programmes for 2018 with capacity building for members of the tourism sector.

The overall training focusses primarily on improving the productivity of the front-line employees in terms of effective communication skills and excellent customer service.

These skills do tremendously add value to the sustainable development of the respective properties.

The training was delivered by Mr Geoffery Cullen, founder of Hands-On Hospitality & Tourism (HOHTconsult), Samoa’s first full service tourism, hospitality and leisure consulting business.

Before moving to Samoa in 2009, Geoff has delivered training, consultations, and worked for destination marketing organisations, industry associations, resorts, hotels, restaurants and bars across Europe, Australia and the South Pacific. He shares with his HOHTconsult associates the same passion and dedication toward serving Samoa’s Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

The five key objectives achieved following the course include:

1. Identifying Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) basics;

2. Identifying the characteristics of excellent customer service;

3. Effective communication skills;

4. Knowing how to deal with difficult situations; and

5. Problem solving techniques.

The customer service trainings started at the end of last month concluded last week. They were held at the Faofao Beach Fales in Saleapaga, Saletoga Sands Resort at Lotofaga, operators in the Apia town area, and also for establishments in the big Island of Savai’i with trainings held at the Savaiian Hotel in Lalomalava and Vaimoana Seaside Lodge in Asau.

The next set of trainings will be on Food Handling and Food Preparation to commence at the end of the month.

customer service training participants

Participants with STA Staff at the Saletoga Sands Resort in Lotofaga and at the Savai’ian Hotel in Lalomalava in the big Island.

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