Tourists explore stunning Savai’i

Tourists Savaii Feedback

Christine Walker and Linda Hendra from New Zealand have had the time of their lives in the big Island of Savai’i in beautiful Samoa.

Although it was their first time in the big island, the ladies are definitely no strangers to Samoa as they have visited a few times before, with this being their third visit.

This time around, they specifically wanted to explore the amazing wonders of Savai’i.

“We’ve been to Samoa before but we mostly stayed in Upolu,” said Christine.

“We wanted to come to Savai’i this time because we heard it was beautiful and everyone says if you go to Samoa, you must go to Savai’i and so we said, we’ll go there and here we are.”

The ladies have been everywhere, visiting the Blow holes, the waterfalls, the lava fields and going around the island. They also had a chance to swim with the turtles at Sato’alepai and enjoyed the white sandy beaches.

“I mean my first impression of Savai’i was that it was beautiful, it really is beautiful,” said Linda.

Both women stayed at Stevensons at Manase, and are planning to bring their husbands next time they visit the beautiful Islands of Samoa.

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