Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshop for Tourism Industry

Samoa Digital Marketing

Spacific Marketing and Business Consultancy carried out a Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshop, organised by the Samoa Hotels Association (SHA) for its members, to develop a more effective digital marketing strategy and improve profitability using each businesses’ responsive websites and social media.

Members from both Upolu and Savai’i were keen to learn how to develop a more effective Digital Marketing Strategy, to drive more sales and improve profitability using their respective websites and Social Media management.

According to Spacific Marketing and Business Consultancy, “The reality is that most businesses could improve sales and profitability by at least 25% if they understood how to leverage their online marketing platforms.”

The workshop covered key areas business owners should know to survive the Online Marketing & Sales world.

The Workshop was practical, thorough and provided key insights that the members can implement immediately.

Facilitator of the Worshop were Afamasaga Jackie Curry - Marketing Consultant, Spacific Marketing; Sebastian Tasi - Social Media Consultant, Spacific Marketing; Josephine Solomona - Member Services Manager & Website Developer for WHL, Samoa Hotel Association; and Nanise Ginnen - Tourism Sales & Marketing Consultant.

This Workshop was held at the Samoa Stationery and Books Conference Room at Taufusi.

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