Travel to Beautiful Savaii - Tips


Savai’i is the raw island experience full of unknown treasures and local food delights, there is no where in the Pacific you might have a waterfall to yourself for the day,

where you can have a bombing competitiion with the local kids at a village swimming hole, where you might stop to see the lava fields and end up eating hot ulu with some of

the local women who bring you in from the hot sun..

• Check the ferry timetable via

• Ring and book your car on the ferry in advance and turn up at least 1 hour before the ferry leaves to get in line for the boat.

• Have a good squiz at a map of Savai’i before you go because she pretty big and lots of people don’t realise the travelling times from one end of the island to the other (about 2 -3hours)

• Check that your beach fale takes Credit Cards if that’s what you are planning - check on phone as some info on the websites are out of date :)

• In Salelologa use the ANZ money machine - there is only one other machine in Tuasivi and its sometimes not working. *Tip The store in Tuasivi has GREAT bakery food - buns, fresh bread, pagi popo’s as well as a bit of

everything you may need while on holiday. It’s the closest thing to a supermarket on Savai’i. NB: It’s not open on Sunday!

• There are petrol stations in Salelologa / Lalomalava / Saleaula / Manase / Asau and one on the East coast. There have been times when the Manase gas station has run out so if you’re heading up to Asau or round the island, its probably safer to go back to Saleaula to fill up than try make it to Asau if you’re running low on gas.

• The local experience in Savai’i is the best so dont be shy to get amongst it and ask for an ipu ava at the local makeki and play a game of Mu - this is like the local ‘streetfighter’ Samoan chess, hilarious and the local skills and slang with this is next level.

• The Makeki! You come out of the wharf, head for the sign that says ‘Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets’ and follow the road just past it you will discover a great little oasis of colour, chaos. 

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