Weddings & Honeymoons Market


Short haul weddings generate larger groups. Long Haul it’s just couples. Short haul honeymoons its about price and time. Long Haul inspires experiences. Cultural influences play a role in characterising the weddings and honeymoon market. This especially applies for Asia, where weddings at home are preferred and honeymooners will take a short overseas trip, but will travel further to be different.

Wedding tourism market includes a couple who hold their wedding event (marriage or commitment ceremony) overseas. The wedding event may also include close family and other relatives, friends and their families.

Reasons for people holding weddings overseas include:

  • Couple looking for quiet wedding overseas.
  • Couple on their second marriage and not requiring major event.
  • Cost savings. In short-haul markets, overseas weddings can often be cheaper than in couples’ country of abode.
  • Desired location. Choice of location for ceremony and other aspects of the even (photography, reception) can be a major driver.

Honeymoon tourism is derived from couples whose main reason for travelling is to celebrate their marriage with an overseas honeymoon.

Reasons for honeymoon tourists taking their honeymoon overseas include:

  • Couple seeking a special experience away from their usual place of abode to celebrate their marriage.
  • Desired Location. For many a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event and the choice of location is often a highly personal and emotive decision. Travelling to a much desired location is a strong driver for honeymoon tourists.

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Weddings and Honeymoons