Wholesalers/ Large Agencies
Commission Level: 20% – 25%
»» New Zealand has three major wholesalers which work in alliance with the retail travel chains.  They are House of Travel Product, Go Holidays (Helloworld, formerly Stella Group and retail  brands United and Harvey World Travel now rebranded Helloworld) and Infinity Holidays (Flight  Centre Group). There are also smaller and more specialised wholesalers in the New Zealand  market such as AIM Holidays and Lifestyle Holidays.
»» Whilst there are preferred arrangements in place, wholesalers are open to deal with any retail  agencies (with the exception of Infinity Holidays).

Retail Agents Commission Level: 10% – 12%
»» There are approximately 400 listed retail travel agencies employing more than 3,000 travel  consultants in New Zealand.
»» The main listed retail brands are as follows:
>> Flight Centre with over 130 branded retail stores, 45 travel brokers, 11 Cruise About stores,  5 Student Flights
>> House of Travel with 73 retail stores and 8 Orbit corporate travel stores
>> Helloworld (formerly Harvey World Travel & United Travel) have 70 branded retail stores,  plus 100 brokers under The Travel Broker brand
>>World Travellers with 36 branded retail stores and 20 travel brokers
>> First Travel Group with 44 retail stores and affiliated agencies, plus 92 brokers under NZ Travel Broker brand
>> YOU Travel (formerly United Travel) with 34 branded retail stores
>> Travel Smart with 10 branded and non-branded agencies, and

Online Commission Level: 10% – 12%
»» Key travel websites include Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Webjet, Wotif, Expedia, and  House of Travel.

Planning and purchasing travel
»» More than 50 per cent of New Zealanders are now purchasing airfares online. Ground portions of their travel are being purchased either online (directly to product) or through retail agencies particularly for complex or regional itineraries.
»» Many consumers use internet travel websites to research their holidays. However, traditional distribution channels remain a key source of information on holiday destinations and products.

Special Interest
»» Operators who specialise in niche segments, such as events and sports travel, include The Experience Group, Williment Sports Travel for example. Two wholesalers, Go Holidays and House of Travel, also market sports and special interest events.

Planning a visit to market
Top tips for sales calls
»» It is preferable to make regular sales visits each year to the New Zealand market. Sales calls can be made throughout the year, however avoid December and January as this is the summer holiday season.
»» A consistent market presence through advertising and wholesale or retail activity for two or more years will help to build New Zealand industry relationships and achieve a greater return.
»» The key market centres to visit are Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Key regional centres to visit are Hamilton, Tauranga, Nelson, Dunedin and Queenstown.

(Source - Tourism Australia)

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