New Tourism Minister and Commander in Chief determined to keep Samoa a safe destination

The Hon. Sala Fata Pinati, who is the Minister of Police  and Commander in Chief, has been appointed the new  Minister of Tourism and has pledged to ensure that the  two key agencies work closely together to further the Safe  Samoa Campaign.

Speaking in his first meeting with the Samoa Tourism  Authority (STA), Sala spoke about the value of team work. “I value honesty and togetherness, and I look forward to working together with you all and hope to see the same  amongst yourselves within the next five years to achieve  our set goals.” Said Sala.

“The Prime Minister adding Tourism to my portfolio as the  Minister of Police and Tourism sends out a clear message for a safer Samoa.” Added Sala.

The Associate Minister of Tourism, Fagaivalu Kenrick  Samu was also present and pledged his support for all activities witin the next five years.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Tourism  Authority, Papali’i Sonja Hunter officially welcomed the  Minister and Associate Minister, with a traditional welcome  that befits paramount and commander in chiefs.

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