About Us

Brief History:

The Statutory Body was called the Samoa Visitors Bureau when it was first established in 1986 following the passing of the Samoa Visitors Bureau Act in 1984 with Amendments incorporated in 1998 and 2002 changing the entity’s name to the Samoa Tourism Authority to align its focus with the development of tourism in Samoa and the Office of the Minister of Tourism as it is now legislated and mandated in the Samoa Tourism Development Act 2012.

Organisational Structure:

The Samoa Tourism Authority has a Board of Directors with membership comprising of seven representatives from the Tourism Private Sector to conform with the Tourism Development Act 2012 and the Public Bodies Act 2001. Since the year 2011 a new Chairman of the Board was appointed by Cabinet from the Tourism Private Sector and replaced the Minister of Tourism or the Shareholding Minister on the Board. The Management of the Authority is vested in the Board, which is responsible to the Minister of Tourism.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Board and advises the Board and the shareholding Minister on policy and strategic issues as well as leading and overseeing the effective execution of the functions of the organisation. 

There are five divisions of the organisation and a Tourism Climate Change Adaptation Project Unit; The five Divisions are the: Policy & Sector Coordination, Marketing & Promotions, Planning & Development, Research & Statistics, Finance & Corporate Services, and a Tourism unit responsible for the coordination of the ‘National Tourism Climate Change Adaptation strategy’. A key project that provides the sector with information and instruments that monitors and advises the sector on climate change adaptation.

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